Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Do the clothes make the man?

We received this from a rep application for Buffalo & Company today, and I couldn't help but be grateful that the men who want to be part of our company don't take our logo as seriously as they take the mission of re-cultivating the deeper issue of raising up men in our society. I guess if you are trying to create a brand, it mind sound counter-intuitive, but in my opinion, a brand should care as much about the people its serving as the money it's making. I am under the idea if you take care of others, somehow that gets back to you in time.

Looking at some of the companies who have strayed from their original mission in clothing, today they might have a big brand and powerhouse, and all the market share, but they miss the whole point. Our goal is not to lead people off a cliff, even if there's money below. It's about values and something much beyond a profit.

This is a great statement below by a rep candidate...

It appears today that what we buy is of a statement about who we are; that is to say rather than buying a product we are buying into a brand. Whenever someone walks into a mall the merchandise that they select from is not only a fashion statement, but also it says something about who they are. This is not what clothes used to mean. It used to be that a man was defined by how he acted, how he presented himself, what his morals and ideals were, and what dreams he held. He was the representative of his own brand. Now it seems that people have become consolidated into a few types of men by the choices they are unwittingly making when they walk into a store. If there is something that needs to be changed about men’s clothing it is the idea that the clothes make the man. The man should make himself; this will be accomplished be a return to traditional moral values.