Saturday, July 3, 2010

World's Most Interesting Man

Unless you are living in a remote cave, you have probably seen "The World's Most Interesting Man" commercials by Dos Equis.

They are hilarious. And kind of remind me of the Chuck Norris jokes. Hats off to Dos Equis in capturing some great marketing, including all their viral videos now on

We seem to be living in an interesting time of marketing to guys. Something has been lost in men, and advertisers are sure letting us experience the masculine side of a man we need. From deodorant commercials of Old Spice to Dos Equis. Even Canadian Whiskey does some pretty good ads joking on the modern metro movement.

I guess in all marketing, it is about selling an idea. It has been happening for ages. Even in the 80's there was the Marlboro man smoking cigarettes on his horse. And to today where AXE body spray tries to can come up with something sexually charged for teenagers. It is part of the game. It is classic marketing... you are lacking something, "We have that something you need."

And so, Buffalo & Company finds itself in the same place. We are trying to get the word out about our company and what we are. who we represent. I would like to think the same people these companies are marketing too, would be are target as well.

I think that is why I like looking into our past. The most interesting man in the world, while one of the most laughable commercials of the world, is made up. Nothing to the man beyond acting. And good scripts. It seems that has been our marketing efforts for the last many years. We will give you an image. Put a vodka martini in front of a yacht, and somehow you will believe it. Buy the thing.

I think we are heading into a more authentic user experience. I don't want to be sold at, I want to be inspired to join. I want to be part of something important and valuable for society, and for the good of people, and even re-cultivation of men. I want it to be true.

I don't want B&C to turn into some caricature of masculinity. It is far too easy I think to head down that route. Some funny ads, we can do those. We enjoyed laughing with our intern in those ways, making stuff up. But behind the curtain, and the company, what we want is an expression of something true and real.

That is why I love exploring our past, our heritage, and the men who came from it. Teddy Roosevelt was a real man. So was Hemingway. Lincoln educated himself to become a practicing lawyer and then become our nation's President. Those are interesting men. And they are real.

I think we need to be inspired again. Not by yachts, or actors, or carefully staged scenes, but ultimately, true works of character and honor. Men who actually did something with their life. I am enjoying on my weekends reading about these men. Both there tragic flaws, and their courage. They are much more like us, than we know. And that is what gives me hope. While we can be marketed to, I hope we can be inspired to be more than a silly commercial. I hope this generation doesn't settle for that type of masculinity. if so, we are in trouble, as a generation, and probably this clothing company.

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