Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Letter to The Fasion Industry

For the past many years, as men, we basically followed your lead. We bought your trendy sweaters, and followed your fashion colors according to what you told us. It worked out for you, because you made a lot of money. You turned good companies like Abercombie & Fitch and Banana Republic from adventure and safari clothing to metrosexual styles with pre-frays and pre-tears and said it was "authentic," and charged us way too much.

Somewhere along the line, you betrayed us. Instead of using clothes to lead us into deeper meaning, and discovery as a male, and a man, you seemed to just lead us away from it. From the colors you selected, to the European trends you followed, instead of American. You left the roots of clothes, the heart of a man, and took him into something he was never meant to be.

We want to introduce you to Buffalo & Company.

We aren't experts in fashion, or apparel. We are men, we don't think we are supposed to be. We are normal guys. But we decided to create a clothing company that would break away from all of those new trends you are working on. We have no models. No New York fashion shows for our product. Heck, we shoot the products in our backyard. We have no marketing projections of what men will buy next season. We think all a man needs is what he has been wearing for many years. Simple and basic clothes with a symbol any man could be proud to wear. The kind our grandfathers wore, even yours.

We are a really small company, too small for you to follow our lead. But if we do our job, which is to represent a man’s true ideals, to bring him back to the dirt and the dust, and the sweat by which this country was made, we think your marketing department will one day look at this company, and say, “oh, we forget that about a man.”

That is our mission. This is our movement.

While you follow the trend, and the bottom lines, we will honor the things you forgot.

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