Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Honor your Wild

At Buffalo and Company, we have tried to make our company "authentic." It is an interesting descriptor, as some have said, "So my clothes are inauthentic?" Well, good point. What we mean is that we want our company to live out the lifestyle we are promoting. Both in adventures, and in character. We want to run an honest company, we want to serve people, understand the impact of our manufacturing on the land and people. We hope to grow into these things. We are learning as we go.

When it comes to marketing and promotion, while we would love to pay $100 million to Tiger Woods or Lebron James, we just don't have it. I mean, if we did, surely our company would become great, right? With a powerhouse behind it?

But since our company is about taking back clothes for men, we also think it should be giving our sponsors, into the hands of those out there living this out as well. We believe in empowering men to step out into something adventurous, take a trip somewhere they have never been before. It is not as much about proving yourself amongst other men, but for yourself. We believe a man needs a bit more wild in him, with all this suburban and urban landscape. He needs to get out, challenge himself, and be tested. Not for others, but for himself.

We have created "Honor your Wild" website where we encourage people to tell their stories of how they have done just that. While we would love any stories, we would love you to bring along one of our banners to take a picture while doing it. For a limited time, we are giving them away free from here.... FREE HONOR YOUR WILD BANNER

It is a big reason why we started this company. It is about much more than just clothes. We want it to get into the sinews of a man, into his thinking, into his journey as a man, to grow into more than what our culture is showing him these days. We hope our slogan, "Honor your Wild" and this site, helps to promote that. Authentic stories of men living this out.

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