Wednesday, June 2, 2010

From poverty to distinguished gentleman

Abraham Lincoln was born into a poor working family in a one room log cabin. Their state of Kentucky was seen as rugged wilderness and known to many as “the west.” His father was an uneducated man who taught the hard lessons to Abe of long hours and the use of an axe, but had little experience in the greater ambitions that Abe sought.

Hoping to better himself, he learned ways to earn money through tradesmen and business men who were eager to hire Abe to float their products on flatboats down the Mississippi for trading in New Orleans. With some of this earned money, he purchased white fabric and with his own hands sewed together his first dress shirt. He was an avid reader, and while only spending 18 months in formal education, he was able to teach himself law, and entered politics though he didn't have an education, powerful friends, or money.

His ambition and self-education landed him as the 16th president until he was assassinated.

At Buffalo & Company, we believe in the men who stepped into the other side. Whether it was a rich kid who went west, like Teddy Roosevelt, or a small working class farmer, who worked his way into politics. We honor the men who went against the grain.

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